Freedom for the Balearic Islands

Carlos E. Vallejo

This week the deck broke in Spain. Fundamental rights have not been violated for a long time and private property is one of the main vagaries of Western democracies.

Let us remember that in communist regimes (and I will not tire of recommending the book: “The return of communism” by Federico Gimenez Losantos,, the first thing that is eliminated is private property and the fundamental right of decent housing is organized by the State for a herd of citizens.

Always for the sake of a supposed compensation of the weak, the “Pope State” stands as savior of the poor. This discourse sounds quite familiar to us, perhaps it resembles the ruin and misery of communist Cuba or Chavista Venezuela, where they are ‘countries whose population suffers need and hunger every day hoping for a visa to escape.

Blessed Europe that freed us from Zapatero. Even so, the character still has the moral scabies of receiving handouts from Venezuela.

The convinced socialists, who are many and good, have long seen it coming within the Balearic socialist party and tried to remove it. But now it’s too late and it’s going to leave one of the richest Spanish communities in bankruptcy.

Indecent persecution against the leaders of “Resistencia Balear” who dared to take people out into the streets. But she can have drinks until two in the morning and that the complaint from the local Police disappear for days, so that once the media hurricane has passed, she can be found again.

She laughs and takes advantage of the indifference of the Balearic people: her husband Joan Nadal, a gardener by profession, has become, in recent years, a real estate speculator with scandals that began with a supposed real estate hit at the expense of Sa Nostra:

the SonVida case, denounced by the businessman Matthias Kühn who assures that the box sold several Son Vida plots to Nadal, his brother and other partners.

Furthermore, he claims that he sold them at low cost. The box, also accused in the case, sold for 1.9 million euros in May 2011. They were sold in high-end real estate for 12, 500% more.

Later we had the attempt to buy the penthouse for €500,000. It will be that in the Balearic Islands there will not be a worthy journalist who investigates the multimillion-dollar heritage of her husband’s family.

Be careful, Armengol! Even so, without realizing it, you expropriate your partner’s flats.

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