Emergency housing

The Govern de les Illes Balears and the Consell de Mallorca have created a network of temporary accommodation places to cover housing needs arising from emergency situations. The IBAVI has ceded 9 apartments that will be managed by the IMAS, an amount that may increase depending on the circumstances, since the objective of this network is to provide accommodation for all those people who, due to an emergency situation, have been left homeless.

The Minister of Mobility and Housing, Josep Marí, and the Minister of Social Rights and President of the Mallorcan Institute of Social Affairs, Javier de Juan, signed the agreement today at a ceremony at the Royal Palace in the presence of the President of the Consell de Mallorca, Catalina Cladera and which was also attended by the General Director of Housing, Eduardo Robsy and the manager of IBAVI, Cristina Ballester.

“It is essential that public institutions join forces to respond to social and residential emergency situations, especially at a time like the present,” said President Cladera. «The Council is fully involved in the housing policies of Mallorca and we act in cases of residential exclusion and vulnerability from the IMAS, to guarantee the right to decent housing at an affordable price. This new network of temporary apartments for emergency situations is a necessity, it allows the Consell to expand social policies also in housing issues and prevent anyone from being left on the street, while looking for a stable housing solution.

The Minister of Mobility and Housing, Josep Marí, has highlighted that the transfer of these homes to the IMAS by the IBAVI allows addressing emergency and vulnerability situations, a solution that cannot be adopted from the regulated adjudication process of the IBAVI, which has to follow its list of plaintiffs. Marí has also highlighted that part of these homes were until recently owned by large holders and have been acquired by the Government exercising the right of first refusal and retraction. “These are flats that were empty and that will now be for people in a situation of special difficulty,” said the minister.

The nine flats ceded by IBAVI and managed by IMAS – the majority in Palma and in two other municipalities on the island – are aimed at temporarily housing people, families or living units in need of housing who have been left homeless as a consequence of eviction proceedings for non-payment of rent and foreclosures of their habitual home, in the event that this non-payment is the consequence of a significant change in economic circumstances and they are in a situation of special vulnerability.

They will also be able to access people who are left without their homes because the owners do not want to renew the rental contract and are in a situation of special vulnerability and those who are in a situation of unexpected residential emergency.

The house will have a rotating character and must be used to satisfy punctual and transitory needs. The families that occupy it will do so for a period of up to six months, extendable in exceptional situations. It must be remembered that the people who live in these apartments will only allocate 30% of their income to rent, whatever it may be.

During the term of this agreement, which is four years extendable to four more, the number of homes ceded may be increased at the initiative of the IBAVI or at the express request of the IMAS.

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