Hotel for sale, buy house

Carlos E. Vallejo.

Market paradoxes. The famous “threats” of our maligned SWOT have turned the entire world economy upside down.

Let us remember its definition: That which is external to the company, that we cannot do anything within our structure so that it develops and that will harm our society and its functioning.

This had never happened before in the history of Balearic tourism. In the case at hand, the hotel market is a brutal crisis that is here to stay.

Tourist consumption habits have changed. One thing is certain, nobody wants the “mass”, everyone seeks privacy.

Rural houses, apartments and holiday tourism houses are consolidating as a very strong segment within the tourist offer.

There has been a boom in offers for the sale of hotels, hostels, as well as entire chains; hence the proliferation of advertisements on real estate portals. The amount of all operations reaches the figure of 1,000 million.

The forecasts are not so bad, facing the next season. Everything indicates that in the next year it will be possible to reach half the turnover compared to last season.

What is really important is that the offer is being transformed to the benefit of the residential. They will be apartments with an independent entrance, where you can check in without having to go to reception, probably through an application.

The architectural distribution of hotels will change. The catering and reception departments will be different, always avoiding the accumulation of customers.

The offer was already diversifying with the entry of holiday tourism. Now it will change completely. Until it stabilizes, many hotels will be sold and houses will be bought.

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