Self-consumption with zero investment.

Carlos E. Vallejo.

Still the Spanish residential market, communities and companies has only 2% of photovoltaic installations carried out. The challenge is incredible. Many European companies do not give credit as in the country of the sun, there are no installations carried out and the electricity bill is one of the most expensive.

An important aspect that explains this delay is the initial investment required. Yes, it is true that depending on the Autonomous Community, the subsidies for the new facilities, the items are scarce and the administration’s pastidas run out quickly.

The price of installing solar panels for a typical family can cost between €4,000 and €6,000. You can get a subsidy of around 50% (depending on the CCAA), this process will always have to be managed by a company in the sector with the corresponding administration of your community.

Reality tells us that very few are convinced that they want to make this investment, even if it is partially subsidized, since there is an initial aversion to spending, even if there is a future return.

Initial zero payment with different alternatives.

Now you can finance your installation for up to 120 months and pay for it in easy installments. These will be integrated into your electricity bill.

Taking this into account, we cannot forget that, although it is a high initial investment, it is a long-term investment.

Your electric bill will be greatly reduced. In addition, you can offset your excess energy within your bill by multiplying the savings.

The energy will be yours, therefore you will know at all times what happens with it, you will be able to know your production, consumption and surplus at all times.

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