Rent: Without savings it is possible

What is Rent?

Rento is the new way to access the home you want TODAY, without having to wait to save 20% or 30%? (plus expenses) needed to get a mortgage. You choose the home you like, you contribute 5% of the value and we buy it for you. At that moment you enter to live in it, putting it to your liking as if it were yours, and paying a lower rent than the market, with the right to acquire it in a few years.

We help you save, since little by little you will be able to make contributions to a savings bank, and the more contributions, the less rent you will pay. When you reach a savings of 20%, we help you get a mortgage so that you can acquire the home 100% owned.

Who is Rento for?

Rento emerges as the solution to the current problem of access to home ownership.

‍Today, thousands of people in Spain have economic stability, with a stable income and certain savings, but not enough to contribute the necessary 20% (plus expenses) to access a mortgage and therefore own a home.

‍If you feel identified, with Rento we offer you a new model in which you only need 5% of the value of the home you like to start living in it now, as if you were the owner, and we help you save month by month so you can buy it in a few years.

What are the requirements to access a rented home?

The first requirement is to have a minimum savings of 5% of the value of the home, which you must initially contribute.

In addition, you will have to demonstrate a certain financial stability and saving capacity, which we will analyze in the validation process.

Likewise, we will have to evaluate whether the home you have chosen meets certain criteria. If you have not yet chosen a home, you can consult Rento so that we can first evaluate your profile and we can move forward in the process when you have chosen the home that you like.

How is it different from a traditional rental?

In Rento you can choose any home on the market over which you will have an exclusive right to purchase.

You can contribute the amount you consider each month to a savings bank, with total flexibility and at your own pace.

The more you contribute to your savings bank, the less rent you pay. And the less rent you pay, the more you can contribute to your savings bag. With this scheme, we help you reach savings of 20% as soon as possible.

You have a purchase right with a fixed price today, without surprises.

You can paint and decorate the house to your liking from day one, and bring your pet with you.

The rent is fixed at 7 years, so as long as you meet your payment obligations, you can rest easy in your home. You have all that time to save and exercise your right to purchase.

Do I have to pay any kind of commission?

Rento is an innovative company where we do not charge you any type of commission. The 5% that you initially disburse is your contribution to the future purchase deposit contract and therefore is discounted from the price of the home.

We have interests aligned with you, which is why we encourage you to buy your house as soon as possible.

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