The flexibility of renting

Carlos E. Vallejo.

The urban lease law distinguishes between the lease of habitual residence (maximum 5 years and minimum 6 months) and the lease for use other than habitual residence.

In this second case, article 3 of the LAU explains its operation.

1. It is considered a lease for use other than housing that, falling on a building, has as its primary destination a different from the one established in the previous article.

2.- – In particular, the leases of urban properties held by season, be it summer or any other, and those held to carry out an industrial, commercial, artisanal, professional, recreational, welfare, cultural or teacher, whatever the people who celebrate them.

In short, when the reason for renting the home is not permanent, we use this modality.

You have enormous advantages for both the owner and the tenant:


• You can dispose of his property at any time.

• Profitability much higher than the long duration.

• This modality gives meaning to the investment for rent.


• Great flexibility in the stay.

• Ideal for companies and temporarily displaced workers.

In the case of the Balearic Community, we have the paradox that there is a tourism law that establishes as holiday tourism all stays under 30 days, so that in the modality of 30 days or more it can be rented in the modality for uses other than habitual residence. Actually the seasonal rental, has been in operation for more than 40 years and is long before the Balearic tourism law.

So that readers do not get involved. From a minimum of one month, if it can be rented in this modality. It is not considered a vacation rental, it is perfectly legal and does not require any license.

There are few real estate agencies that work in this modality. The most competitive in this specialty is CV Real Estate” which has been working with companies and owners in this modality for more than two decades.

They take care of everything; Entrance, exit, cleaning, maintenance of the property. They have a wide portfolio of properties and there are already many companies that have used it for years to travel to Mallorca. The profile of the tenants varies depending on the time of year:

Low season from November to March: Digital nomads or displaced workers.

High season from April to October: By season (minimum 1 month), tourists on vacation.

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