The future neighborhood of “Son Busquets”

Carlos E. Vallejo.

We have heard it too many times already. Initially, the Ministry of Defense wanted to sell the land of the old Son Busquets barracks to the highest bidder, leaving Palma City Council aside.

We hope that the ineffective president of the Government, Francina Armengol for multiple efforts, gives joy once and for all to the people of Palma and manages to combine synergies with the national government of her own party to turn the area into another neighborhood.

Yesterday the Councilor for City Model, Decent Housing and Sustainability, Neus Truyol gave a press conference this week, presenting all the greatness of this supposed umpteenth project: 830 and 900 residential homes, it will enable 20,000 square meters of endowment housing and will allocate another 55,000 square meters of this area to the creation of spaces for economic activity.

Remember my words. 2025 will come and nothing will be done. Hopefully I’m wrong.

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