The rich don’t cry

Carlos E. Vallejo.

We continue in the fourth wave of the pandemic, with vaccination rates so low that everything points to two more waves.

The hospitality and tourism sectors are the hardest hit by far, although within domestic consumption, there is a great desire to spend on the terraces. We will have to invent the outdoor restaurant, where everything is outside, under a tent that covers it.

The residential sector is stingy as always, in the face of maximum uncertainty in all aspects, only the really rich have increased investment spending.

There has been a greater demand for spacious homes, increasing interest in flats and plots close to green areas or the sea, depending on the city. In the high-end segment, comfort has taken on a greater role in 2020, which is why people who have invested in buying a home in the past year have opted for larger homes than in 2019. Thus, according to data from aProperties In 2020, prime purchase homes had an average of 214 m2 compared to the 159 m2 average of the previous year.

The real estate consultancy specialized in ‘high standing’ aProperties, which manages a portfolio of more than 3,500 properties, has reached a volume of brokered real estate transactions of 225 million euros in 2020, despite the incidence of the pandemic, maintaining a figure very similar to that of 2019, when 227 million euros were reached. In addition, aProperties has excellent prospects for 2021, in which it anticipates a 35% increase in the volume of transactions.

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