Vista Alegre

Carlos E. Vallejo.

Hello, it’s called “llonguet” and it’s the bread roll of Palma. It’s a white flour roll with a ribbon across the middle, which for me is the perfect sandwich, no bigger, no smaller, with just the right crumb, so that a virgin olive oil is well integrated and you can enjoy the filling you like best.

In my opinion, the range and variety of products on offer should be increased. It is true that they have their own fair in the neighbourhood of “Es Pilari”, which is sure to offer innovative variants.

I like it in any form, a simple piece of toast in the morning gives you the strength to face the new day. With a filling in the shape of a sandwich, this is the one I enjoy most, with Serrano ham and cheese, always with warm bread, oil and tomato from the ramallet, previously scrubbed. Once we have reached this point, beer, wine or a soft drink are the perfect accompaniment.

Always accompany this with reading the news, a good book or the quiet conversation of a friend, they help to make life a little more pleasant. It is the little things throughout the day that add up so that when you close your eyes at night, we celebrate the joy of living.

PS. In Palma, the Bar “Vista Alegre”, in Calle 31 de Diciembre, you can live this great experience.

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